Dr. Mohamed Sassi

He was born on  11th April, 1959 in Tiaret , Algeria. He earned Diploma of Higher Studies in Biology, Magister in Environmental Sciences, PhD in Environmental Engineering. He has been working as a Lecturer at the University of Tiaret since 1993. His Collaborative work: Chemical Engineering Laboratory (Toulouse, France) and Laboratory of Environmental Engineering Industrial (LGEI_Ecole des Mines_Alès, France). He is working as a Reviewer for MDPI journals. He is Responsible for the license: Microbilogy Applied to the Environment, and the Master: Microbial Biotechnology. Deputy Dean in charge of postgraduate studies (Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences) (2013/2014 and 2019/2020). He is Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences Univ. Tiaret, Algeria (since 2020). He is a Member of the Ethics and Professional Conduct Council (since 2021). His research area includes Micropollution, Dyes, Heavy metals, Biosorption, Sludge, Biosorbents, Characterizations, immobilization,  Isotherms, and Kinetics.