A Comparative Study of Discrete Dynamical System and Moving Average Model in Assessing and Predicting Availability of Clean Water

Ayda Asyra Abdul Razak, Dian Idayu Mohamed Ali, Rosmalina Che Yakzam, Nuratikah Amid Dudin, Masnita Misiran, Zahayu Md. Yusof

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Logging and Lithostratigraphic Study of the Cenomanian-Santonian Reservoirs of Four Oil Wells MSP1, MSP2, MSP3 and MSP4 of the Margin of San-Pedro (Côte d’Ivoire)

Bié Goha René, Gbangbot Jean-Michel Kouadio, Diangone Eric, Yao N’Goran Jean-Paul, Digbéhi Zéli Bruno

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Evaluation of the Ecological Impact of Human Settlement on Trees in Oban and Okwangwo Forests of Cross River National Park, Nigeria

Onen Ibiang Onen, Celestine Uzoma Aguoru, Charles Chidozie Iheukwumere, Joseph Olalekan Olasan, Andrew Ashieta Aboh

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Allometric Models for Estimating Site Index of Teak (Tectona grandis Linn F.) in Kanya Forest Plantation, Kebbi State, Nigeria

A. Dantani, S. B. Shamaki, M. A. Gupa, M. Sa’idu, R. B. Mukhtar, M. Umar, B. Abubakar, A. Abubakar

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