Population Dynamics, Diversity and Distribution of Freshwater Snails in Zobe Dam, Dutsin-Ma, North-Western Nigeria

Timothy Auta, Emmanuel Alkali, Elaigwu Audu Michael

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Wind Power Potential in Near Future Climate Scenarios: The Case for Burundi (East Africa)

Agnidé Emmanuel Lawin, Manirakiza Célestin, Lamboni Batablinlé

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Economic Performance of Clarias gariepinus Juveniles Fed Separately with Factory and Farm-Made Diets

Raymond Odey Ajang, Ettah Akpang Ivon, Christopher Bassey Ndome, Elvis Monfung Ayim, Akaninyene Paul Joseph

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Threats of Global Climate Change: A Review of the Driver to Multiples Environmental Degradation, Human Right Injustice and Unsustainable Development

Ayuk Macbert Nkongho, Cherabe Nchomba George

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