Community Perceptions on Environmental Impact Assessments in the Construction of the Toll Road between Solo and New Yogyakarta International Airport, in Indonesia

P. S. Oetari

Department of Public Health, Dian Nuswantoro University Semarang, Indonesia.

S. Isworo *

Department of Environmental Health, Dian Nuswantoro University Semarang, Indonesia.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Background and Objective: The development of toll roads between Solo and New Yogyakarta International Airport of Indonesia is part of the government's endeavor to improve the accessibility, connectivity, and capacity of inter-regional transportation networks in order to considerably boost economic growth through increased regional links. The research will analyze at the socio-cultural circumstances, social conflict, public health, and community views and attitudes about toll road building.

Research Methods: This study employs a qualitative and quantitative technique, which involves in-depth interview observation processes. The data analysis comprises the identification, categorization, and interpretation of community opinions as perceived by 200 respondents from impacted communities. 

Results: The majority of respondents were male, 106 (53%), with the highest degree of education being senior high school a total of 118 respondents (59.50%).   The majority of their jobs were as private employees number 84 respondents (42%), with an average salary of Rp. 3,195,000. The surrounding community is religious, with 106 respondents (84%) actively engaged in Islamic studies in a mutually beneficial atmosphere, and 171 respondents (88.5%). Conflicts in society are always addressed pleasantly, according to 198 respondents (99%).

Theoretical and Practical Implications: The community does not oppose toll road building, according to 188 respondents (94%) since they feel it would serve regional interests.  Environmental impact analysis is carried out in a proportionate manner by incorporating the community through public engagement. Implementation of public consultation throughout ten time periods. The outcomes of public consultations are utilized to provide supporting and critical comments. 42 community figures were chosen as members of the Environmental effect Assessment technical team, which was in charge of overseeing the execution of environmental effect management and monitoring. Changes in public views and attitudes about toll road development must be regulated and monitored to ensure that the public impression of toll roads remains favorable throughout construction.  Recommendations: Project implementers are responsible for the impacts caused and comply with all detailed provisions in accordance with management and monitoring plan documents that have been approved by the Ministry of Environment.

Keywords: Community perceptions, public consultation, community involvement, solo-new yogyakarta international airport toll road, environmental impact assessment

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Oetari , P. S., and S. Isworo. 2024. “Community Perceptions on Environmental Impact Assessments in the Construction of the Toll Road Between Solo and New Yogyakarta International Airport, in Indonesia”. Asian Journal of Environment & Ecology 23 (7):79-94.


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