Dr. Angelo Paone

I have graduated with a thesis in geology and geochemistry of the volcanic rocks of Pantelleria at Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”. The work concerned also the analyses of major and trace elements of the the rhyolites and trachytes of Pantelleria. I also produced 14C data from the paleosoil and charcoal dating some eruptive events in Pantelleria. Then, I got a grant under the form of a master to visit the USGS in Reston, VA where I was trained in all aspects of isotope geology. I was trained in the rock preparation, chemical analyses and mass spectrometry functioning for the following parent-daughter isotopes Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, U-Pb. I also acquired knowledge in stable isotope work (Oxygen and Boron). The mass spectrometries Finnigan Mat 251, 262 have been mastered during such time. Successively, I got a PhD from the University of Naples which I used to continue to visit the USGS in Reston. During such time, I produced a full database for the volcanic rocks of Campania region (Somma-Vesuvius, Campi Flegrei, Roccamonfina, Ventotene, Ponza Island). I was fully introduced in the major elements analysed by wavelength-dispersive XRF; H2O+ and  H2O- wet chemical analysis; Rb, Sr, Ba, Zr, and Y determined by energy-dispersive XRF; Cl, F, and Ni determined by photometry; Be, B, Cr, Li, Mo, Pb, Sn, Nb, W measured using ICP-MS and AAS. REE and Hf, Ta, Th, Zn, Co, Sb, U, and Cs analysed by INAA. Above this, I continued my work on Sr-Nd-Pb isotope. During this time, I also acquired knowledge on the analyses of U-Th disequilibrium in fact some analyses were obtained from volcanic rocks of Somma-Vesuvius. During my PhD, I was also fully trained in fluid and melt inclusion petrology. After that, I obtained a Marie Curie Fellowship at University of Bristol and mainly I worked on the interpretation modeling such data and also producing some data on water, CO2 and solubility data. After the Marie Curie, I went for a post doc in Volcanology and petrology at University of Naples where I worked in solving some problems linked between the evolved composition of the magma erupted (Campanian Ignimbrites, Campanian Volcanic Subprovince) and their volume, trying to find a model that would have explained the presence of such abundance of material erupted in such area.