Industrial Sustainability and the Circular Economy as Counterparts to the Self-referral Mechanics of Natural Law: Part I—A Theoretical Foundation

Lee Fergusson, Geoffrey Wells, David Kettle

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Evaluation of Soil Fertility Status Based on CEC and Variation across Disturbed and Intact Tropical Coastal Forests Sites in Tanzania

Elly Josephat Ligate, Can Chen, Chengzhen Wu

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Use of Different Sawdust Biochar as Soil Amendments to Improve Allelochemical-laden Soils Caused by Bamboo in the Landscape

A. A. Ebeheakey, H. V. Adzraku, P. K. Tandoh

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Application of Electrical Resistivity in Mapping Subsurface Characteristics

Tajudeen Olugbenga Adeeko, Damilola Oluwafemi Samson

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Remote Sensing of Urban Lake Water Quality: A Preliminary Result from Spectral Angle Based Approach

Weiqi Chen, Xuelian Meng, Shuisen Chen, Jia Liu

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