Assessment of Water Quality of Surma River and Its Impacts on Urban Residents: The Case of Sylhet City Corporation

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Afruja Begum
Md. Muyeed Hasan


This study intends to assess the current water quality of the Surma River alongside Sylhet City and its impacts on urban residents. The water quality has been assessed by laboratory analysis considering a total of seven water quality parameters, viz. pH, DO, BOD, COD, TS, TSS and TDS and water samples were collected from four stations. The impacts of water quality on human health, fishing, the soil, agriculture and the surrounding environment are analyzed based on primary data collected through questionnaire survey covering a total of 200 respondents who resides at the bank of the river. The average values of parameters are DO 11.15 mg/l, BOD 1.77 mg/l, COD 25.27 mg/l, pH 7.2, TSS 131.5 mg/l, TDS 26.47 mg/l and TS 158 mg/l. Among of them only pH is within standard value. Respondent of the study area opined that they have no waste dumping station where they can put their waste. For that reason they compelled to dump waste into the river.Inadequate waste management system and lack of proper waste management initiatives accelerating the pollution exponentially. The scenario can be improved by implementing the recommendations made by the study, which can have the positive changes in the human and aquatic life, environment and ecosystem of the river area.

Water quality, Surma River, SCC, socioeconomic impact.

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Begum, A., & Hasan, M. (2019). Assessment of Water Quality of Surma River and Its Impacts on Urban Residents: The Case of Sylhet City Corporation. Asian Journal of Environment & Ecology, 10(2), 1-9.
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